La Primitiva Results

The Spanish La Primitiva lottery (From Spanish, meaning “the oldest one”) offers five prize divisions. Simply match six winning numbers ranging from 1-49 and check your Reintegro (randomly selected number between 0-9) in order to win BIG! The El Gordo de La Primitiva is drawn every Thursday and Saturday at 21:00 Local time in Madrid (Spain), and the results are published shortly after reviewing them.

About La Primitiva Results

In order to win the La Primitiva Jackpot, a player needs to match all six numbers (ranging from 1-49) with the lottery balls drawn, and match the Reintegro number (which is randomly assigned to the ticket) to the winning Reintegro (R) number along with the additional number drawn – the ‘Complementario’. The Reintegro is chosen randomly when the ticket is being purchased and printed; making it possible for more players to win other prizes when matching six, five, four or even three numbers correctly.


LaPrimitiva Winning Numbers

Prize Breakdown