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The Spanish La Primitiva is translated from Spanish as “the old (primitive) one”. Being the olderst lottery in the world, the Spanish La Primitiva grows stronger by the year, increasing Jackpots and produces many winners weekly! It offers high winning odds with 1 out of 10 and it is a 6/49 game; In order to win the jackpot, you need to match 6 numbers with those drawn from the set of 49 balls. An additional number is drawn to support second division for those who almost claim the grand prize.

Hosted In Schedule Guess Range Jackpot Type Tax Requirements
Spain Thursday 21:30
Saturday 21:30
6/49 Cash 0%

Prize Breakdown

Lottery Starts From: € 3,000,000
*The overall odds of winning any prize in the game are approximately 1 in10



The Spanish La Primitiva was first generated in the 18th century by the royal Spanish family in order to entertain the masses and raise funds for the royal treasury. After 100 years of activity, the lottery stopped activity until returned in the more up to date, modern version we are more familiar with nowadays. On November 2012 the La Primitiva lottery introduced a new prize category for the 6 + R (Reintegro) prize. In order to win the jackpot with the Reintegro prize (Especial: 6 Aciertos + R), the player has to correctly match six numbers as well as the Reintegro number randomly assigned to the ticket. The 6 + R (Reintegro) prize allows the player to win an additional sum on top of the jackpot prize. A portion of the prize fund in each draw is allocated to this special prize category so that 6 + R winners enjoy a bigger lottery jackpot win. In addition Lottery officials will draw a seventh bonus number drawn. The bonus number cannot be used towards the jackpot prize since it was created for the second division, 5+1 prize. Player can win other prizes when match six numbers, five numbers, and match 4 numbers or match 3 numbers.


Jackpots begin at 3 Million and will rollover until won. The highest Jackpot amount ever won for La Primitiva was of €101.7 million won on 17 October 2015!


Guess Range: 1-49

Guess RangeSchedule: Thursday 21:30 hs Saturday 21:30 hs

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Tax Requirement:

No Tax

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Who can play?Anyone, anywhere!