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All official lottery numbers, guess range, next jackpot and winning odds for all the biggest lotteries in the world including the EuroMillions Lotto, USA Powerball Lottery, Spain’s El Gordo, European Euro-Jackpot and the Mega Millions can be found here for your satisfaction! No matter where you reside- LottoLucker is your personal online Lottery provider, offering you the opportunity of taking a chance on the biggest lotteries in the world! You can review all the reports and necessary information about the outcome of all the lottery results on LottoLucker Lottery Results’ section.

All lottery results are posted on our site as soon as they are released by the official lotteries, including prize division and current Jackpot alerts! With LottoLucker you will never miss out on Super Draws, current Lottery events and updates.

Country Winning Odds Next jackpots Guess Range More info
  PowerBall 1:24.9 $ 113,000,000 5/69 + 1/26 More info
  MegaMillions 1:14.7 $ 61,000,000 5/75 + 1/15 More info
  EuroMillions 1:13 € 57,000,000 5/50 + 2/12 More info
  LaPrimitiva 1:10 € 32,000,000 6/49 More info
  Lotto649 1:6.6 $ 20,000,000 6/49 More info
  EuroJackpot 1:26 € 16,000,000 5/50 + 2/10 More info
  ElGordo 1:10 € 9,900,000 5/54 + 1/10 More info
  UkLotto 1:9.3 £ 9,900,000 6/59 More info
  NewYorkLotto 1:46 $ 5,000,000 6/59 More info
  OzLotto $ 5,000,000 7/45 More info
  BonoLoto 1:10 € 400,000 6/49 More info
  SuperEnalotto 1:318 PENDING 6/90 More info

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